DUO Parent-Child Home Office Desk

  • Prize
    Winner in Home office table
  • Designer
    Chormui Lee
  • School
    Florence Design Academy
  • Location

During the Covid 19 lockdown, many parents and their children have to work and study from home. This is in fact a great time for family bonding if parents and their children can work and study together by sharing the same desk.

However, having a standard desk of one height will not be appropriate for a young child as he/she is not tall enough and a tall chair will be required, which may pose a safety challenge.

To bring parent and child closer together, I designed a desk of two heights - one for adult and one for young child so that it fits the purpose of having both work and study at the same desk. The desk is made with tempered glass and supported with solid metal frame. The glass can be tinted in various colors to brighten up our home office environment as well.