MOVITEMPO - Interactive working chair

  • Prize
    Winner in Working chair
  • Designer
    Tianyi You
  • School
    The University Of Arts, Bremen
  • Location
  • Project Date
    04.2020 - 09.2020

This is my bachelor's graduation project at the University of Arts Bremen, which concentrates on sitting behavior and the psychology of interaction in daily life.

The physical and mental health problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle are becoming a more and more serious problem in the high technology developing society. Since the intelligent and technological life has become an irresistible trend, how can one combine technological intelligence, ergonomics, and psychological use through design in order to induce people to change their sit position and maintain good habits?

The core concept of this design is mainly to combine time control in interactive design with a movable mechanical structure in product design, which provides a new possible solution for preventing physical discomfort and disease caused by sedentary work. This concept and the use of sensors can deform the structure of the working chair. Depending on the need or situation, it can either be changed independently or the user can initiate the change.

Hello everyone. My name is Tianyi You. A freshman in the Industrie Design world.

I am very interested in artificial intelligence, mechanical movement, and ergonomic design fields. The experience of my education and internship has also increased my interest in learning product design and made me realize that this would require more in-depth study and research.

I'm very glad to know like-minded designers here and look forward to learning and communicating with you.

Other prizes
- 'Chancy" interactive design project about water protection in 2018, which was exhibited at the "Haus der Wissenschaften" in Bremen. - Badkultur, cooperated product design competition of University of Arts, Bremen & Kleine Wolke 2018, First Prise - Participated in design project ES PROLINE of Dormakaba Germany GmbH, which won IF Award, German Design Award and Innovation Award in 2020.