• Prize
    Winner in Office furniture set
  • Designer
    Ines Munday
  • School
    University Of Plymouth
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Offering a mindful, dynamic desk space, through organic shapes and natural materials, in wood and glass, Synergy desk has been designed with biophilic and sustainable design principles.
Created to deliver on a university brief set by London furniture designers Sebastian and Brogan Cox to design a working space that promotes creativity and productivity, with mindfulness at heart.
It incorporates space for plants, as well as diffused lighting, and movement with the use of the lectern for stand-up working. With the holdall to transport your work, you can work anywhere with reduced impact to workflow.
It creates a calm and clear space to work in, that encourages creative group collaboration, as well as space for reflection.
The design also promotes changes in posture while working, delivering active mobile work ethics in wellbeing principles.
A workspace that cares for you, while you deliver the work you care about.