• Prize
    Winner in Coffee Table
  • Designer
    Aiden Lee
  • Other Credit
    University - Art Center College of Design
  • School
    Artcenter College of Design
  • Location
    Canada, Vancouver
  • Project Date
    11/10/2020 ~ 12/18/2020

Trigon is an exploration of minimalism within the furniture world. It is the devotion to keeping our liveliest space as clean and clear as possible. Coffee tables reside in the central live hub of our homes; the living room. The table is bound to be piled upon with accessories, books, and food. Trigon is the resolution to these problems by keeping accessories tidy away while maintaining high-class minimalism. With razor contrast thinness, it is eye-striking while being easy to the eye. Functionality is kept to the most minimum while keeping a stimulating detail. Trigon will serve not only as an aesthetic form piece but also as a crucial practical element in our homes.

My name is Seonghyun Lee and I am a Korean born Canadian designer. I have studied multiple areas of art and design ranging from fine art, architecture, graphic design, and product design. I am currently studying at ArtCenter College of Design as an product design major.