Infinite 7Aroma

  • Prize
    Winner in Innovative Lighting Design
  • Designer
    Ruiqi Wang
  • School
    Syracuse University
  • Project Date

Remember the little girl from the fairy tale ‘7magic’? She had 7 magical petals from a seven-colored flower to make her wish come true, and she finally got her real happiness from using the last petal. What if we can use all 7 “petals” in real life to obtain infinite joy?
Infinite 7Aroma is a fragrance floor lamp at home. It has 7 light bulbs and a fragrance oil bottle can be inserted under each light. You can not only use it as a lamp but also use it as a fragrance diffuser. Since color temperature of the light affects the temperature in lampshade, the volatilization speed of fragrance can be controlled by it. Thus, you can be a fragrance designer to create your own aroma by changing the color temperature of the light. When you are in the mood wanting to switch scent, you can readjust the intensity of each fragrance through color temperature to create a new aroma. On the other side, if you prefer a simpler type of aroma, the APP also offers a function for you to turn off some light bulbs.
Let’s be our own fragrance designers creating types of aroma and therefore, infinite joy.