• Prize
    Winner in Chaise longue
  • Designer
    Joseph Sherwood
  • Other Credit
    Bekir Kelceoglu
  • School
    Syracuse University

Dionysus is a modern take on a chaise lounge designed to pair with the social and intimate experiences fashioned from wine. Two floating divans rotate around a central wine cooler, allowing for the furniture to adapt to the desired mood.

The fully blossomed chair invites people to a more casual and open environment for socializing. Whereas, when the two ends come together as one, the mood between those who choose to relax becomes more personal and connected. A ring of soft white light highlights the edge of the automated rising table, providing both a comforting ambiance as well as a functional way to observe the clarity and color of the wine. Two side platforms allow for a more convenient location to rest a glass of wine as people are laid back in the fully unified orientation.

Dionysus compliments any wine drinking experience through its fluid and elegant forms and its unmatched functionalities.