Hug - Upholstered Rocking Seating

  • Prize
    Winner in Rocking chair
  • Designer
    Shih Ya Fiona Wu
  • School
    Savannah College Of Art And Design
  • Location
  • Project Date
    May 2020
  • Project Link

Hug is a piece in the furniture collection, Love Flow. HUG is an upholstered rocking seating that you hug and ride on it. It personifies human interactions of receiving love, and the sitting posture and the rocking motion mimic a warm hug. The texture and the rocking motion bring pleasant and warmth to its users.
Love Flow is a furniture collection that gives people a sense of well-being by personifying interactions between people and their loved ones. The goal of the design is to attract people from the hustle and bustle by its look, allure them to immerse in the furniture by the multilevel sensory experiences that it offers, and at the end, help people find a way back to their spiritual home.

I am currently pursuing my MFA degree in furniture design at Savannah College of Art and design, and I have a Bachelor’s degree in industrial design. I believe that design is an art that dedicates itself to exploring the desire of humans, the strength of materials, the needs of society, and embodying the belief of a designer. I believe that design is not just a servant for consumerism, but has the power of transforming this world silently and gently. I always stay optimistic because if I do not believe that my design is good, I will not value it and bring the best out of me.

Other prizes
European Product Design Awards 2020 (EPDA) Winner Furniture Collection, Love Flow, Got Published on ISFD Innovation + Design 2020 competition entry International Design Awards 2020 (IDA) Honorable Mention Cameron Art Museum Illumination 2018 Competition Entry and Exhibitor (Wilmington, NC)