TWIST armchair

  • Prize
    Winner in Armchair
  • Designer
    Dorottya Párdányi
  • School
    Technical University of Denmark
  • Location
  • Project Date

The TWIST armchair explores new opportunities for creating more sustainable, longer-lasting furniture.
Many companies in the industry are focusing on materials and substances to achieve more sustainable furniture. However, transportation is also a huge factor, and optimizing it can greatly contribute to the reduction of a product’s carbon footprint. CO2 emission could be immensely reduced by designing with flat-packing in mind, but that would often mean a compromise on the aesthetics or quality of the assembled product.
Therefore, the TWIST armchair was designed with the aim of creating a superb quality knock-down chair, that provides a high-end look and feel once it is assembled. The design evokes a classical armchair topology with a contemporary twist, and achieves a finished look by not exposing any joints.
For the best possible customer experience, the assembly of the chair is highly intuitive and can be done without any tools in a matter of minutes. The sturdy joints make it possible to disassemble the chair with ease by the customer to be able to replace parts and thus prolonging the lifespan of the chair even more.