Changchun Zhongtie Xi Tang Song - Sales Center

  • Prize
    Winner in Sales Office Design
  • Company/Firm
    Guangzhou Yudu Design Co., Ltd
  • Designer
    Huang Jin, Situ Jiawei
  • Location
    Changchun City, Jilin Province, China

The combination of bayhood unique natural environment and inheriting Chinese traditional living philosophy, to create dialogue to make life and nature, and make the scenery panoramic view of the good living environment, the landmark high-end model our lives.
The fine decoration design of the sales office is mainly reflected in three aspects:
1. The spatial rhythm of the square atmosphere.
2. The southern natural light and outdoor landscape reflect the geographical environment value of this case.
3. Unique elements of mountain and plum blossom adorn each space, creating a fresh sense of Oriental Zen.
The creation of Chinese style by space is an exploration of nature and order to sort out the relationship between people, objects and fields. Life style, aesthetic consciousness, Oriental feelings, as the focus of this space temperament aesthetics.