• Prize
    Winner in Sales Office Design
  • Company/Firm
    Zoom Art Design
  • Designer
    Li Zuo
  • Location
    Luzhi Town?jiangsu Province, China

Located in the Luzhi Ancient Town in Jiangsu Province, which is the same age as the ancient city of Suzhou and has a long history that has given it a rich and splendid culture. Luzhi, a large town in the eastern part of Suzhou, which is part of the Taihu Lake basin, is well connected by water, with streets in front and rivers in the back, winding lanes and corridors, and flowing water. Water is the soul of the old town, and also the architectural symbol that runs through the whole environment. Irregular lines like a flow of living water, elegant curves and square atmosphere of the Chinese loft space design just complement each other softly. The spatial art of a master floral artist is used to display the natural ecology of the area in an abstract way.