Âme Jewelry, New York

  • Prize
    Winner in Commercial Design
  • Company/Firm
    Baranowitz + Kronenberg
  • Designer
    Baranowitz + Kronenberg
  • Other Credit
    Elinor Avni, Rtld, Photo: Amit Geron
  • Location
    New York
  • Project Date

Âme is a modern fine diamond jewelry brand that uses lab-grown diamonds which are set in precious metals. Âme introduces an uncompromising point of view to its category with a consciousness towards nature and towards the retail experience worthy of the 21st century. It transcends fine diamond jewelry into the realm of lifestyle and everyday use with the intention to engage, inspire and create a space for emotions.
We walked out-the-beaten-path of diamond jewelry retail and explored
sensory environments that could lead us towards a totally fresh and innovative experience that breaks every rule in this category.
We found two.
One was nature-driven, the forest. The other was culinary-driven, inspiring us to serve the jewelry pieces rather than presenting them. The design alludes to a very informal, strongly emotional and holistic retail experience. While the “forest’’ initiated the spatial quality and the sequence of movement in the store, the culinary world inspired the intimate and personal moments one experiences while engaging with an object of desire. Both worlds are omnipresent in our daily life and both tick our innermost emotions.