• Prize
    Winner in Restaurant Design
  • Company/Firm
    Mark Studios
  • Designer
    MARK Studios team
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Carpenter: Teissl & Mark
  • Other Credit
    Furniture & Interior: MARK Einrichten
  • Location
    Wattens, Austria
  • Project Date

Restaurant „Reason“
The vocational and private environment of the client provides the inspiration for the restaurant. The client is supplier of a well-known tequila brand and is also privately connected to Mexico. When entering the restaurant, it seems to be a little more private and cosier, but the room opens up towards the outside space and the kitchen while walking down the street. We created different atmospheres within the room by using a pedestal and wooden arches. The southwest orientated patio is separated by an untreated sheet pile wall from the streetscape.

The Bar
Bar counters are framing a big red skull, the iconic eyecatcher of the „Reason“-restaurant. The orbital cavities of the skull are filled with bottle racks that cause a dramatically illuminated scenery. The teeth are interpreted by lighted wine glasses situated on the back counter. The bar counters vary in hight and create a flexible counter landscape with various quality of stay.