• Prize
    Winner in Sustainable Design
  • Company/Firm
    François Hurtaud Studio
  • Designer
    François Hurtaud
  • Location
    Hong Kong
  • Project Date
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Meaning life, Eva is a modern aquaponics furniture.

The waste of the fish, ammoniac, is pumped up to the garden where the substratum of roots of the plants break down the ammoniac into nitrates and nitrites. The former feed the plants and the latter become food in return for the fish.

The earliest example of this technology is believed to be the Aztecs, who raised plants on rafts on the surface of a lake in 1,000 A.D. Aquaponics is a highly sustainable method of agriculture, increasing crop production per square foot versus traditional farming with low water and low power consumption.

Eva was designed so that the different parts simply dovetail with one another and let gravity do the work, no tools are required. Both the garden and the fishtank share a commun source of light, floating at the very core of the product. The frosted finishing combined with the extruded facets serve at optimizing the light diffusion. Mimicking a natural environment, the light switches on and off softly at dawn and dusk.

Eva finds its place in restaurants, hotels, schools or offices. It is a guarantee of fresh food, a place of gathering, a light source full of life.