G place

  • Prize
    Winner in Computer desk
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  • Designer
    Elena Zaznobina
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The G-place multifunctional table was created when working on a project with a small area. In an open space, next to the main lines of movement around the apartment, it was required to arrange a workplace, a dining area and a small storage area. Combining the functions of a table, chair and storage shelf at the same time, G-place allows you not to overload the space with many items. Integrated connectors allow delicate electrical and internet connections. Its rounded shape allows it to be used as a free-standing piece of furniture without the risk of injury. The G-shape, visible through the light, explains the name of this model. In addition to the functional side, the table was supposed to become a self-sufficient art object in space, modern and aesthetically attractive.
The one-piece internal metal frame provides the necessary rigidity to the structure. Inside the frame are cables for the USB connector block, a connector for connecting a detachable cable to electricity and an integrated flexible light.
The metal frame is faced with bent plywood.
The outside is covered with light oak veneer.
The interior is covered with RAL2000 lacquer.
Shaped concave end glossy lacquer RAL9017.

For many years she has been helping architects and designers in the selection of furniture. After graduating from the School of Design Details I am working on my projects. I specialize in interior design and furniture and lighting product design. The first draft was published in AD Russia. I think that designer interior items are a highlight that every project needs. I love classical architecture and English style.

Other prizes
Bronze A'design Award e Competition 2019.Wardrobe Pont. Silver IDA Design Award 2020. Simple Mouse table lamp. Official celection LICC 2020. Simple Mouse table lamp.