Limitless Kitchen

  • Prize
    Winner in Kitchen table
  • Company/Firm
  • Designer
    Maria Sorokin
  • Project Date

My design is a modern 21st-century kitchen,
which is suited to modern areas and redefines
the house space.
The kitchen is a modular unit, that can be
tailored to any space. It can be changed and
rearranged according to designing needs and whims.
The style is industrial chic, celebrating the simplicity,
and the beauty of raw materials and infrastructure.
The kitchen unit materials:
Aluminum anodized gold pipes, aluminum
anodized gold rods, and solid wood carpentry
The table (workspace) materials:
aluminum anodized gold pipes, aluminum
anodized gold rods, marble top, and black matte
metal tubes infrastructure cover.
*more design options could be available: solid wood
workspace and aluminum l anodized black matte pipes.