PONTO table-system

  • Prize
    Winner in Conference table
  • Company/Firm
  • Designer
    Troels Grum-Schwensen
  • Location
    Manufacturerer: LAMMHULTS MÖBEL, Sweden
  • Project Date
    February 2019 (launched at SFF, Stockholm)

PONTO table is an innovative combination of aluminium - the supporting beam - and solid wood – the legs. In the upper-end of the legs, a “negative print” of the extruded beam-profile is milled out. This allows the leg to be slided onto the beam and left where wanted. When the table stands, gravity locks the legs and stabilizes the whole construction.
The advantages of this construction are:
- Exceptionally long spans between legs and exceptionally long overhangs, due to the strong aluminium-beams, especially in the only 4-legged 558cm long version. This leaves plenty of space to whom it is all about; the sitting human being!
- Freedom in leg-positioning and easy mounting without tools or screws
- The freedom to customize tables in shape and size facilitates a perfect balance between a specific room and the largest object in it.
- The tables lifetime can be long due to timeless aesthetic qualities, but also because it is very easy to replace a leg.
- The whole of the table appears very simple and is at the same time innovative and very functional, in its adaptability. Each of the - very few - parts are necessary for the construction. Nothing to add, nothing to subtract.

The design-studio of Troels Grum-Schwensen primarily works with furniture-design and other design-areas related to the architectural space, such as interior-design, exhibitions, buildings and conversions.

From the studio, through the years, several innovative, well-proportioned and sometimes prize-winning furniture-designs has arrived. I work for leading Danish and international furniture-brands. I also design interiors and architectural building-projects for companies as well as private clients.

In the design-process, we always take a step back, trying to find new ways.

Other prizes
2019 Muse Design Awards, Platinum, for PONTO table 2019 European Design Award (X2) for PONTO table 2019 International Design Award (IDA) for DETACH-Worksystem and -Unit 2017 iF award for ATTACH table 2016 European Aluminium Award, category; DESIGN and LIFESTYLE, for ATTACH-table 2016 DesignS – Swedens leading design-prize – for ATTACH-table 2016 International Design Award (IDA) for ATTACH-table 2015 The international design-prize AZ-award for GRIP-table 2012 Danish Design Award for GRIP-table