• Prize
    Winner in City public area furniture
  • Company/Firm
    Atilim University
  • Designer
    Bulent Unal
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Elif Gunes
  • Other Credit
    3d Visualization By Bulent Unal
  • Project Date
    December, 2020

This designed product conveys the leading roles and the reflections of their lives, just like an excitement from the future, with a touch apart from the traditional to our life scene. The fact that a single life span can take on different forms in different roles indicates that the surfaces that will keep the function of a single surface in this product transform with stretching.
Design; while presenting a sculptural seating element that witnesses the concrete texture of the city, the running and dreams of the people, it also adds excitement with a different approach to the place we are in, namely the showcase of life, outside of its function. One of the design ideas of the product is to make an external touch to the different lives we share in the same space, even though the roles and persons are different, that our almost identical rushing is actually a single reflection. What is important here is that the product is designed with an innovative touch to the city, with an approach that reflects the people and lives it contains.