Slacks Creek Corridor

  • Prize
    Winner in City public park furniture
  • Company/Firm
    Street + Garden Furniture
  • Designer
    Street + Garden
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Forrest Gillham, Surya Graf, Charles Wentworth
  • Other Credit
    Logan City Council
  • Location
    Slacks Creek, QLD, 4127
  • Project Date

The project, initiated by Logan City Council, resulted from a vision for a vibrant, green corridor bringing people and nature together, inspiring healthy living and creativity.

The general design principle for the project provides lightweight feature forms that have in direct reference to the nature of the site. The design includes some components that feature the steel flowing like water across the concrete modules and folded origami paper shapes perched on posts. The objects are intentionally installed at varying levels to depict the different flood levels experienced overtime throughout the Slacks Creek catchment.

Street + Garden was invited, through a tender process, to collaborate with the community to showcase local artwork, celebrate the area’s history, engage with schools and industry alike to provide a space that is personalised by the residents of Slacks Creek. This relationship is integral to the ever-changing face of the project ensuring a public space that creates unique and engaging landmarks throughout the entire Slacks Creek Corridor.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, the Street + Garden design studio is an award-winning team specialising in product design for urban spaces. S+G was conceived around the idea that urban products can be much more than simply something to sit on; a reflection of a particular place, community, its natural and built assets, its history, aspirations and future that are important and synonymous with its site.

Other prizes
Good Design Award (2020) - Market Street | Newcastle Good Design Award (2020) - Denman Prospect | Canberra Gold Good Design Award (2018) - Franklin Square/Hobart Waterfront Green Good Design Award (2020) - Rockhampton Riverside Precinct Landscape Architecture Award (2019) - Everleigh | Greenbank Landscape Architecture Award (2018) - Slacks Tracks | Logan Landscape Architecture Award of Excellence (2018) - Rockhampton Riverside Precinct