Made to Measure Ruler

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    Winner in Other Children Furniture
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    Ali Robinson
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    Ali Robinson
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    Weber Industries:
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This is an object to record ever-growing children. So often when moving home, we lose these precious recordings when left behind on a door frame. This object is supposed to address that - to become a family heirloom that travels from house to house. Whilst it predominately remains a measuring device for children, it has since become something else as well.

We are all, it seems, very keen to record changes in ourselves and measure these against others. So it is with some hilarity that adults are as keen to get measured as children and so this family object has doubled as a visitor's book - a way of recording friends that come and stay at your home. It has become a lovely story- teller - a physical memento of friends and events without relying wholly on video or photograph.

Inspired initially by the shape of garden plant markers, an obvious categorising tool, in considering how to register the feet and inches, I recalled the dipstick notches to measure car oil and the look of a colour chart or Zoom ice lolly.

I studied Fine Art at The Ruskin, Oxford University, where I predominately made paintings before taking up a number of artist-in-residency posts in which my work developed into performance, installation-based sculpture and video. I continue to make art every day. I co-founded Robinson van Noort, an interior architecture practice where as principal designer I head up the design of all bespoke fabrications. It is from this practice that Ali Robinson Furniture has evolved.

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