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    Hans Sandgren Jakobsen
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For RotoBed® and designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen, it has been important to create an affordable aid for people with pain/disabilities - but at the same time a piece of quality furniture that do´nt constantly remind the user of their illness. In fact, we wanted the RotoBed®Change to be so aesthetic that people would take the bed for its looks. Well, maybe not entirely, but we are serious about it: Many research projects have shown that architecture, art and good design have a decisive impact on patients' physical as well as mental improvement. These projects mainly focus on hospitals, but nothing suggests it should be different in private homes. These patients also deserve beauty and harmonic design instead of hospital fixtures made out of steel.That said, of course, users buy a rotating bed to benefit from its functions. Pain is a big part of it. If getting out of bed hurts, maybe you don't get out of bed. If you do not get out of bed, you will lose muscle mass. Being able to get out of bed yourself also means more freedom, less dependency and more dignity. Everyone wishes to be able to manage on their own as long as possible in a dignified way. This is what RotoBed®Change is about

When RotoBed® decided to create a rotating bed for users in private homes, 2 issues were crucial: Design and Quality. We chose to involve the award-winning furniture designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen in recognition of the fact that many health aids look like hospital fixtures, constantly reminding the user of his/her illness or disability. Innovation, aesthetics and functionality are the key words that Hans Sandgren Jakobsen emphasizes most during his design process. This fully agrees with RotoBed® and our desire to create a harmonic piece of furniture to increase mental and physical well-being.

Other prizes
If Design Award - 2019 Winner - Dicipline Product - RotoBed®Free Danish Design Award - Finalist 2019 - Game Changer - RotoBed® European Product Design Award - 2020 Top design Winner in Design for Society / Design for Elders - RotoBed®Home European Product Design Award - 2020 Top design Winner in Industrial and Life Science Design / Medical Furniture - RotoBed®Home SIT Furniture Design Award - 2020 Winner - Sit with Comfort - RotoBed®Home