• Prize
    Winner in Decorative Accent Lamp
  • Company/Firm
    Maytoni Gmbh
  • Designer
    Alexey Danilin
  • Other Credit
    Nikita Morozov

The “Amulet” lamp family is inspired by the basic magic of natural objects and materials. Sacral images of African josses and the most modern lighting technologies were combined to bring up one of the most ancient intuitive senses of domestic space enchantment that people experience since the pre-historic age. Handcrafted glass beads are strung on the chain base of modernly designed acrylic and LED elements to keep the soul light up in a modern living space.
Every lamp in the Amulet series can perfectly fit a residential or public interior. Open rings of LED lights can be the main source of space illumination. They are designed in several sizes, which makes it possible to create interesting compositions. The table lamp is primarily designed for public spaces such as cafes and restaurants and lobbies. It can become a statement interior table piece and create a cozy atmosphere.
Mouth-blown glass, acrylic, metal, LED. Lighting diameters: 525, 740, 885 mm. Table lamp height: 450 mm.