• Prize
    Winner in Pendant Lighting
  • Company/Firm
    Maytoni Gmbh
  • Designer
    Alexey Danilin
  • Other Credit
    Nilita Morozov
  • Web URL

The year of 2020 brought us through incredible transformations. Two fields of professional and private appeared at the edge of collision within the most casual homes. Pursuit of solution for this problem lead us to find an inspiration in one of the concepts of modern partial physics – supersymmetry. It explains relationship between two basic classes of elementary particles by showing how they can evolve into each other. This idea leaded us to designing a smart lightning fixture which can help people to switch between their life essences by simple move.
The fixture is designed in a unique way, which allows to transform it from general vertical source of ight to the horizontal source of functional light for work, creation and communication. Engineered construction with magnetic elements and bottom-centered wire bracing system enables to provide stable height level of the fixture for both horizontal and vertical configurations.
Lighting fixture transformation is operated by a simple user’s move of splitting or joining together symmetrical parts of the lamp. Kinetic effect provided by construction and magnetic elements provides tactile emotional rebound.