• Prize
    Winner in Other Lights
  • Company/Firm
  • Designer
    Vladimir Makhmutov
  • Location
    Moscow, Russia
  • Project Date
    September 2020
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Minimalistic and modern design. Clean simple shapes. Invisible transition between the fixture and the ceiling due to absence of visible trim. A lens is used instead of a conventional reflector, which directly influences the quality of light. Lens focuses the light beam making luminous flux as soft, even and eye-pleasing as possible. Besides, concentrator optics allows to increase brightness and width of light beam while preventing glare effect. Power supply provided with the fixture is dimmable. Compatible with classic controllers from most manufacturers. Notable for its high quality and reliability which is crucial for luminaires’ service life. DALI drivers are available for integrating with Smart Home, as well as Bluetooth drivers for controlling light directly through smartphone. The radiator dissipates heat efficiently thanks to its construction and high-quality aluminum used in production. Thus, LEDs do not overheat and tarnish. This allows to preserve the initial brightness of the fixture.