DATA Stool

  • Prize
    Winner in Stool
  • Company/Firm
    Henri Canivez Design Studio
  • Designer
    Henri Canivez
  • Photo Credit
    Henri Canivez
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A stool made using high-tech printing techniques and based on the specific measurements of each individual user. Not only do the dimensions change, but the design also differs every time.

We are surrounded by data. Yet, this often remains abstract and intangible. Addressing this, DATA aims to translate data into a physical object as a design methodology.

The weight and height of the lower body is measured. Then, a custom algorithm generates a micro-architecture based on this data. The algorithm automatically generates denser structures when needed, for extra strength. The final design is 3D printed in two versions: one uses PLA bioplastic and the other is made from aluminium, nylon and glass.

This is about bringing the user back to the origin of the creative process. The project was realised in collaboration with CNC Speedform.