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    Winner in Armchair
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    Odile Decq
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    © Odile Decq / © Fernando Guerra
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The armchair « Confident » is an idea inherited from the end of the 19th Century. It was also called “conversation” as two people can seat together without having to turn their head to talk together. In that one, the back and the seat are designed in a complex continuous twisted form.

This red lacquered wood confident could organized a larger conversation by being connected by 2, 3 or 4. That, not only creates a conversation group but also dynamic sinuous waves in spaces as lobbies.

It is built in wood. The back and the seat are separated pieces and connected by a
stainless steel structure that comes down used as legs. So, the complexity of the assemblage is not seen and the seat becomes evident.

The confident will be also redeveloped in resin to be used outside and inside.

ODILE DECQ is a French architect and urban planner. International renown came in 1990 with her first major commission: the Banque Populaire de l’Ouest in Rennes, France. Since then, she has been faithful to her fighting attitude while diversifying and radicalizing her research. Being awarded the Golden Lion of Architecture during the Venice Biennale in 1996 acknowledged her early and unusual career. Other than just a style, an attitude or a process, Odile Decq’s work materializes a complete universe that embraces urban planning, architecture, design and art.

Other prizes
ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN AWARDS 2018-European Property Award (Diagonal 0) 2018-European Product Design Award (Pétale Lamp) 2017-NYCxDESIGN Awards (Soleil Noir Lamp) 2016-The Athenaeum International Architecture Award (Tangshan Museum) 2016-National Wood Construction Award (Saint-Ange Residence) 2015-Jiansu Provincial Architecture Award (Tangshan Museum) 2015-Nanjing Municipal Architecture Prize (Tangshan Museum) 2015-Blueprint Award (Saint-Ange Residence) Seyssins, France 2014-Dedalo Minossa International Prize (MACRO Museum) 2013-The Athenaeum International Architecture Award (Phantom Restaurant) 2012-Ecola Award for the use of Render/Plaster (Phantom Restaurant) 2012-Paris Shop & Design Award (Phantom Restaurant) 2011-WAN Lighting Award (Pétale Lamp) 2010-The Athenaeum International Architecture Award (Tangier Med) 2010-Premio di Architettura ANCE Catania (MACRO Museum) 2009-MIPIM AR Future Projects Award - Offices (GL Events HQ) 2008-World Architecture Community Award (Tangier Med) 2008-The Athenaeum International Architecture Award (GL Events) 2008-World Architecture Community Award (MACRO Museum) 2008-World Architecture Festival Award (Greenland Pavilion) 2007-Show Boats International Award (Esense Wally) 2006-The Athenaeum International Architecture Award (MACRO Museum) 2006-The Athenaeum International Architecture Award (L. Museum) 2003-Il Principe e L’architettò (MACRO Museum) 1999-Benedictus Award (Nantes University) 1994-Benedictus Award (BPO) Washington 1993-Sheet Glass Competition Award (BPO) 1992-Best Steel Construction Award (BPO) 1992-Design Oscar Award “Le Nouvel Économiste” (BPO)