Neo Chinoiserie Armchair

  • Prize
    Winner in Armchair
  • Company/Firm
  • Designer
    Jonathan Nieh

Inspired by the traditional Chinese armchair and Marcel Breuers’s No. B33 chair, the Neo Chinoiserie seeks to disrupt the world of furniture design. By utilizing the CNC process technique, this chair is able to preserve the look of a traditional Chinese armchair but overcome the typical construction process, where wood pieces had to be connected through woodworking joints. Instead of the usual angular shape, the chair now takes on a fluid and seamless form, mimicking the artistry and beauty of Chinese calligraphy strokes. The Neo Chinoiserie is available in two colours: walnut and white oak. The walnut Neo Chinoiserie exudes a lavish and elegant look while the white oak Neo Chinoiserie offers a more cordial version of the chair.