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    Winner in Lounge chair
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    NOVEMBER 2021
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The first F21 collection explores the mutualism between artisan techniques and industrialized manufacturing methods. It is an investigation of the relationship between crafts and automated processes, which seeks that each method and material stands out for its natural characteristics. The furniture has been developed through a dialogue between the artisan and innovation, maintaining the inherence of the process and its manual strokes.

Perfection, existing in the "imperfections" of artisanal methods, is the tool to give soul to each piece, moving away from mass production. Steel rod structures are the common language of the collection. A language that leads this material to a visual sophistication that pushes towards innovation. Details made using the bronze sand casting process create a contrast with the automated manufacturing components such as CNC-carved wooden parts or laser-cut metal parts.

ASM_01 Lounge Chair is made of steel rods and solid colorado wood with a natural oil finish, Ecuadorian cowhide leather seat and turned bronze hardware. The furniture in the collection is flat-pack, it derives from the need to innovate common materials through unique forms of assembly.

Alejandro’s focus is on developing social design projects that mark an immediate difference in contemporary issues. By having a familial background in Medicine and by being born in a developing country, his main objective is reaching solutions that directly impact an overlooked demographic’s needs. The form of the designs is shaped by his close relation to Ecuador’s traditional methods and aesthetics, influenced by his experience in furniture design and love of woodworking.

Other prizes
2021 THE DESIGNS OF OUR WORLDS: A conversation between three design schools - INTERWOVEN Invitation from the Industrial Design Program at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (DIPUCP) to the schools of ENSCI Les Ateliers and Pratt Institute to engage in an open and multidirectional exchange of academic thought and practice, motivated by a common interest for revisiting questions over design’s identity. The online event consisted of a joint curation of project presentations selected from students and graduates of the three schools, followed by discussions led by academics Juan Montalván, Claire Brunet, and Ignacio Urbina Polo. 2019 NYCxDESIGN: Student Design Showcase Talks - INTERWOVEN Annual “Student Design Showcase Night” hosted at Parson’s School of Design. Featuring leading design students from 5 different schools including Parsons, SVA, Pratt Institute, FIT, and Cooper Union. 2019 DUBAI DESIGN WEEK: GLOBAL GRAD SHOW - INTERWOVEN An exhibition of social impact innovation from graduate students across the world at Dubai Design Week. 2018 NYCxDESIGN WANTED DESIGN: The Antigua Project - ANTIGUA Exhibition of unique hand fabricated furniture and textiles collection. Each year since 2015 a group of designers led by Pratt Institute’s “The Antigua Project”, travel to Guatemala to collaborate with local artisans. 2018 GOOD DESIGN AWARD: Furniture Category - REULEAUX SYSTEM Hospitality modular furniture freelance design and development for Lisa Albin Design.