Meanwhile lounge chair

  • Prize
    Winner in Lounge chair
  • Company/Firm industries
  • Designer
    Ondrej Pelák, Tomáš Dymeš
  • Location
    Czech Republic
  • Project Date
    March 2021
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Chair made of casted women breasts. The chair is a response to the current "over-referencing" design that recycles the same concept of minimalism over and over. When designing the chair we moved to primitivism 2.0, returning to nature, liveliness and human essence. Just like a droplet assuming a shape as energetically advantageous as possible, unique each time depending on its environment, even humans respond to the heaviness (or lightness?) of the moment. The metaphorical droplet of life, the one we wanted to embed into the product, is the female breast. Well, actually, breasts. Everyone reacts to the chair differently, reflecting their own view of the world. For the artist, the depiction of this female body element is not erotic, but rather a return to the connection with nature, the non-digital world and the anti-parameterization of objects around us.
The breasts, shaped in the composition of castings, enhance the ergonomics of nature connected to man made thing. The visually lightweight stainless-steel structure consisting of bent tubes seamlessly connects with the iconic relief without a trace of any digital technologies.

We are Czech based industrial design studio and manufacturer. We live and design 25 hours a day and we make products that last. Re are interdisciplinary design studio, we dont focus on just a single field but we aim to create products for people like us, bit crazy, with a good taste for good products and for those who want to live 25 hours a day.