Whale Tail bench

  • Prize
    Winner in Bench
  • Company/Firm
    QZ Urban Furniture
  • Designer
    Enrique Mínguez Ros & Enrique Mínguez Martínez
  • Photo Credit
    David Frutos & Mario González Saavedra
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Piece of urban furniture inspired by marine life, capable of awakening emotions in urban and natural environments.
Elegant and sober bench, organic shapes that not only fulfills the function of seat, it also provides an aesthetic value when it is placed in the urban space: seafronts, ports, parks, squares, streets and boulevards.
When the bench is not occupied, its soft undulating shapes make it a sculptural element.
Individual seat that by aggregation allows the composition of lines of benches or groups.
Its minimalist, modern and functional design has been reduced to the minimum expression: a single support.
Available in three finishes:
- Fiberglass painted thick between 8 and 12 mm. Interior reinforced with high density
compact laminated wood frame.
- Fiberglass painted thick between 4 and 8 mm. Interior reinforced with polymer concrete.
- Concrete finish, reinforced with fibers of very high performance and great plasticity, which gives it a great rigidity.
The available colors are glitter white, fluorescent green, sky blue, overseas blue and anthracite grey.

QZ Urban Furniture is a design studio specialized in the design and manufacture of urban and outdoor furniture. Its aim is to create elements capable of awakening diverse emotions in both urbanised and natural environments.
QZ Urban Furniture achieves this by giving birth to elegant and sober pieces with organic shapes that not only fulfill the object functionality, but also provide a remarkable aesthetic value when placed.

Other prizes
During 2020 and 2021 QZ Urban Furniture has internationally been awarded: - A+Awards from Architizer. ( New York) - SBID Product Design Awards ( London) - International Design Awards (IDA) (Los Ángeles, California) - London International Competition (LICC) (London) - A' Design Awards (Milano)