Alada, folding desk

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    Winner in Folding table
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    Daniel García Sánchez
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    Photos: @villa_gorm, @mustapuutalo
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Alada is a unique piece that seamlessly transforms from a wall desk to a decorative shelf in seconds. Born thinking about integrating the professional and personal life of the user, Its minimal design is key to the uniqueness of its functionality and clean finishes.

Consisting of 3 simple wooden panels, all of Alada’s parts are crafted to transform into part of the room’s decor and to give the user productivity and comfort in an “office” set for as long as they wish for.

Alada transcends time and trends, designed and built sustainably using FSC certified woods with careful techniques and by the hands of local craftsmen of the region of Iscar, Spain.

Small details are key to us, the edge of Alada floating folding desk is crafted in an angular way that takes away the visual weight of the piece, making it look smaller, and simpler. Its minimal stopper, designed to be as unobtrusive and practical as possible, helps to keep Alada in place when closed.

The result is a timeless folding desk that transforms and adapts to your day, when opened it gives you a complete home office experience, when folded it transforms into a shelf and adds to the decoration of your home.

At Woodendot we design and craft pieces with personality that are functional, unique and that have an emotional, ethic, and real value. We feel deeply inspired by nature, from it our shapes, functionality and finishes are born . All of our pieces are crafted using natural, sustainable FSC certified woods as our main material and with the crafting process done locally by the hands of local craftsmen of the village of Iscar, Spain. The result are pieces that are simple yet unique, harmoniously balanced, elegant and that are timeless and can be passed from generation to generation.

Other prizes
Product Awards 2018 European Product Design Award - ALBA Bedside Table 2018 IDA Design Awards Honorable Mention - ALBA Bedside Table 2019 Iconic Awards Innovative Interior Selection - ALBA Bedside Table Awards Daniel Garcia Sanchez 2009 AIR Couch - 1º Prize. Manifesto UP Awards. “Sofá Latino 2009. Argentina 2011 ZEN Deck chair - 1º Prize. AVANDEO Design Awards. ”Out-door 2011. Germany 2011 RIZO Room divider - 1º Prize. Habitat Awards Extremadura 2011. “Mueble Auxiliar”. 2011 VIS A VIS Folding table - 3º Prize. CETEM Awards. “Furniture Design 2011”. Yecla, Murcia 2014 INJUVE Designer Awards. Gold Souk. Beirut, Líbano. Oran, Argelia. Argel, Argelia.