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    Winner in Home office furniture
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    Modernform Group Public Company Limited
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    Product Development Center
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Million, Working At/From Home Furniture

To step into the “Next Normal” age, it is undeniable that urgent need and requirement for working at/from home is heightening. Nonetheless, people are still in need of the relaxing mood or recreational activities for leisure at the very same space. As such, ‘Million’, a set of ‘working at/from home furniture’ has been designed to create ‘homey’ feelings through the outward and touching appearances of solid wood. The outstanding nature of the Million table attributes to its proficiency to making utmost use of table space to support concurrent works with a variety of smart gadgets for both working and leisure functions. A set of compact-size space-saving table has accompanied with slender, modern-style, and attractive backrest chair which can be twisted and adaptable to every body movement for more comfortable and longer period of working or relaxing seating postures.

“Million” furniture thus supports the modern lifestyle of which the clear-cut boundary line between working and relaxing is no longer existed.

Modernform Group Public Company Limited is Thailand's leading manufacturer and distributor of office furniture, home furniture, kitchen furniture and importer of furniture fittings.

Other prizes
2022: iF Design Award / 2021: Good Design® Awards, European Product Design Award(Honourable Mention), DNA Paris Design Award, SIT Furniture Design Award, Golden Pin Design Award, Sky Design Awards Shortlisted / 2020: Red Dot Award: Design Concept, European Product Design Award, DNA Paris Design Award, Sky Design Awards Shortlisted, Design Excellence Award (DEmark) / 2019: European Product Design Award / 2012: GOOD DESIGN AWARD (G Mark), Design Excellence Award (DEmark) / 2010: Good Design® Awards