• Prize
    Winner in Bookcase
  • Company/Firm
    Mezzetti Design
  • Designer
    Daniele Mezzetti
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Equilibria is a double-sided bookcase usable from both sides and composed of an iron structure that supports five storage units.
The project was born from the inspiration of rock balancing. An art technique where rocks are naturally balanced on top of one another in a manner which appears to be physically impossible. While the artworks made with stones can only last for seconds or days, the metal frame around the containers, makes the effect of the bookcase balance “eternal".

I am an artist, and I analyse, design and reorganize the interior environments and spaces to improve them aesthetically and make them more welcoming, harmonious, glamorous and practical.
Through collaboration with local Italian artisans and crafting companies, I design and produce unique and high-quality pieces of furniture meeting the personal needs and desires of each client.
Design and art are the means and tools through which I can express and manifest my creativity. Through work, research and learning, planning and design, my goal is to create unique objects that can improve our daily l

Other prizes
Plastic for a clean City 2006 Muse design Awards A' Design Award & Competition 2021 European Product Design Award 2021