365 Sun Lounger

  • Prize
    Winner in Outdoor chair
  • Designer
    Hanno Nevanlinna
  • Location
  • Project Date

The 365 Sun Lounger is the first piece of garden furniture with cushions that resists the forces of nature and is always ready for use. The design is inspired by the short Nordic summer: the sunny moments are rare and too precious to be wasted cleaning furniture and carrying cushions back and forth.

The curved form of the chair together with the foldable backrest serves three functions combined: aesthetics, comfort and unique protection for the cushions. There is no need for wiping dust, pollen or bird droppings, or snow. All you need to do is to flip the waterproof backrest open and enjoy the dry, clean and soft cushions.

The lounger offers a feeling of luxury with perfect ergonomics and comfort. It looks stylish also when not in use and requires no winter covers. The cushions are well ventilated to resist mould also when the back rest is folded down. The lounger is made of sustainable and extremely durable Accoya which lasts decades and requires no painting. The ecological life cycle footprint is further minimized as there is no need for storage space.