The metsä umbrella sky design project

  • Prize
    Winner in Public park & Public area furniture
  • Company/Firm
  • Designer
    Masaru Suzuki
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    graphic design / Natsuki Sakamoto
  • Location
    Miyazawa, Hanno City, Saitama Prefecture 327-6
  • Project Date
    June 8,2019
  • Client
    Moomin monogatari,Ltd.
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  • Web URL

An outdoor installation for a commercial facility, metsä Village.
Umbrella covered overhead with an umbrella sky and sidewalks are equipped with digital output sheets to create a colorful outdoor space.
From the gate of the facility to the lake 100 meters away, I wanted to create a landscape that looks like a rainbow.
I thought about the design.
Walk through the forest, all over the approach to the lake with colorful umbrellas, and 100m long roads
It is filled with colorful colors and patterns.
The world of colors arranged overhead, on the ground, and in a rainbow-like gradation is a masterpiece.
The colors change as you move forward, which makes the visitors feel more excited.
I think beautiful colors are like vitamins that permeate people's feelings.
Walk through the colorful rainbow bridge from the forest to the lake, giving visitors an extraordinary view of the world and an uplifting feeling.
The aim is to let you experience it.

Since 2004, I have been hosting the fabric brand OTTAIPNU.
Focusing on colorful print textiles, I am developing a collection full of charm that the fabric originally has, such as towels, handkerchiefs, and umbrellas.
In addition to my brand, I have announced textile products from many domestic and foreign brands.
In addition to textiles, we participate in various projects and provide pattern designs and designs centered on our own textiles for various scenes such as furniture, products, apparel, and spaces.
Currently a professor at Tokyo Zokei University and a director at UNPIATTO INC.

Other prizes
Worked on textile installations at the Aisin Seiki booth at Milan Design Week 2016 and won the Milan Design Award 2016 "BEST ENGAGEMENT by IED"