• Prize
    Winner in Retail Design
  • Company/Firm
    Eleven Nine Interior Design Office
  • Designer
    Takeshi Nagata
  • Photo Credit
    Seiryo Yamada
  • Location
    SH Building 1F, 6-4-2 Minatojima-nakamachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo, Japan
  • Project Date
    December 2018
  • Client
    S-Grow Co., Ltd
  • Project Link
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It is the underwater world under the leaves of Claude Monet's painting "Water Lilies," which expresses the fantastic world of water lilies blooming on the shining surface of the water.
The brand's color, purple, reminds us of water lilies, and the image was expanded.
The wall fixtures and plants have geological formations and underwater leaves as their painting subjects.
There, an inverted cone-shaped object in the motif of a water lily leaf was created in FRP. Three of them were inserted in the center of the store as landmarks. The reflective panel at the top of the inverted cone object softly illuminates the ceiling. Next, the display fixtures consist of a circle that resembles a water bubble.
The size of the top board was changed and linked to give it a sense of rhythm.
A beautiful world unfolds beneath the leaves of the water lilies.
Light pouring into the water, colorful fish slipping through the shining greenery, and treasures being found.


FIRMS : eleven nine interior design office

ntroduction :
From interiors to architectures, we design various spaces.
The name of the business office “eleven nine” means pure grade as eleven nines, 99.999999999%.
When we receive a request, the first thing we do is to listen carefully. Then, consider the design seriously and propose a comfortable room.

Other prizes
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