Days of Pleasure, a House of Tranquility----ROYAL LONGYUE MANSION Experience Center

  • Prize
    Winner in Sales Office Design
  • Company/Firm
    HTHS Design Office
  • Designer
  • Location
    Yancheng city, Jiangsu

Ink painting, paints on thousands of miles of mountains and rivers. Fantasy land, tells thousands of years of the world.

"The Vast Land" brings the landscape in four seasons, with a long artistic conception, making people feel the quiet beauty of the Oriental charm and creating a new Chinese style atmosphere.

Follow the light and step into indoor, water rhyme and greens spread along with other. The light and stacked structure releases the aesthetic feeling of order through the light, telling the collision between the poetry of Yangtze river and the human emotion. Moving forward, light and shadow will appear different effects, the line of sight staggered, evoking people's deepest desire for nature.

In the area of reception desk, the concept of Oriental Rite will be good as water tolerance in the same vein. Between the square inch, the width of the natural, full landscape heaven and earth, placement of the heart aloof. The Ink-colored marble table and the hanging chandelier on the top, are like water drops fall into the table, splash ripples. While through the light and shadow, it renders to the space into spirituality, creating a more quiet and beautiful artistic conception