MOMC HOTEL Xiahuayuan Zhangjiakou

  • Prize
    Winner in Hotel Design
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  • Client
    Zhangjiakou Jinrui Xinrong Real Estate Development

The design concept is derived from an ancient legend of "plum blossom post", expressing the traditional Chinese aesthetic and romantic, while integrating regional culture.

The design of the hotel breaks through the operation mode of traditional resort hotels and functional space emphasizes complexity, strengthens interaction with local resources through full links of services to reduce the hotel's hardware construction.

Cold and long winter, spring dry sand in Zhangjiakou. Designers closed the courtyard, winter warm, spring moisture, glass roof introduced natural lighting to reduce energy consumption, while reducing the impact of sand on the hotel operation.
In the project construction, local and renewable resources are used as building materials as much as possible to reduce unnecessary finishes and create a healthy environment. This is the awe and respect for nature and the modern expression of the eastern philosophy of the unity of man and nature.