Taipei Tiffany Pop-up Store

  • Prize
    Winner in Exhibition Space Design
  • Company/Firm
    Asia Design Interior Renovation Co., Ltd.
  • Designer
    Rong Chen
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Hong, Wei-Zhi
  • Photo Credit
    Hong, Wei-Zhi
  • Location
    Taipei City, Taiwan
  • Project Date
  • Client
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With Tiffany & Co's iconic blue blending the diamond like transparent glass façade, presenting the entire store as a jewel case on the street. The geometric lines created by the combination of the scented bottle and the diamond-cut surface make the store's furnishings demonstrate the scenery of art and fantasy. The interior is carefully displayed from the fragrance to the rare iris flower. It not only reveals the most important fragrance elements in the same name, but also echoes the brand's enthusiasm for the beauty of nature.
The designer divides the house into four zones: the fragrance exploring zone, the gourmet fragrance zone, the hand-made floral zone and the photo zone. The fragrance exploring zone respectively presents the top, middle and base notes of Tiffany & Co.'s eponymous EDP, allowing consumers to enjoy the original posture of fresh green citrus, iris flower, patchouli and musk.
The main vision of the photo-taking wall is composed of multiple custom frames, which are lined with Tiffany's blue brick wall, which delicately shapes the dream into a real space.
Just as the perfume has the top, middle and base notes, the design of this workshop is also carefully planned.