Chibanewtown obstetrics and gynecology

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    Masato Kawano / Nacása & Partners Inc.
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Chibanewtown obstetrics and gynecology department by tokyo based design studio JOKE’s Riki Watanabe was designed to people coming to the hospital would be relaxed.
Riki Watanabe was inspired by people such as pregnant women and children.
As a feature of space, In addition to the nursing room, a counter like island kitchen is set up so that you can make milk for baby in the waiting room. The kids area, which is at the center of the space, is a symbol of space and they can watch children from anywhere. A relaxing space like a living room also functions as a place for interaction between visitors.
Lighting of the whole space can be considered based on indirect lighting, and by using polycarbonate for the lighting cover, it is a plan that soft light illuminates the whole space.The sofa placed on the wall has a height that makes it easier for a pregnant woman to sit up, the back angle is adjusted, and the cushion hardness is adjusted so as not to be too soft.
He designed with the wish that the staff could work comfortably and to ease the anxiety of the visitors and want them to feel happy.

With a focus on interior design, Riki Watanabe work spans across a wide range of professional fields such as creative direction and branding. Utilizing the knowledge and multifaceted perspectives that we have cultivated through designing commercial spaces, hospitality spaces, exhibitions, products, and other genres, we design in consideration of the way places should be, the experiences that can be gained there, and the flow of time.

Other prizes
2015: DSA Design Award 2015 winner.(JP) 2018: DSA Design Award 2018 winner.(JP) 2018?IDM Tokyo 2018 AWARD winner.(JP) 2019: KUKAN DESIGN AWARD 2019 winner.(JP) 2019: Dezeen Awards longlist nominate (UK)? 2020: CafeRes Design Award 2020 winner.(JP) 2020: A’ Design Award & Competition 2020 Silver Award.(ITA) 2020: LOOP Design Awards winner. 2020: OPAL Award 2020 winner. 2021: MUSE DESIGN Award 2021Silver Award. (US) 2021: DNA Paris Design Award winner.(FR)