Koi Light

  • Prize
    Winner in Designer & Custom Lighting
  • Designer
    Mahsa Mohebbi
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Mitra Mohebbi and Iman Hajipour
  • School
    Azad University

The first signs of life on earth are fish, which inspires the unique shape of the chandelier. Two fish design It is one of the fixed motifs in ancient Iranian pottery and carpets, and in Iranian culture these moving fish symbol of the eternal guardians of worldly life.

In different cultures, fish is a symbol of rebirth, fertility, luck, wealth, wisdom, health, peace, love... The two golden fish are exclusively a symbol of luck, balance, and the key to a full life.
Water and fish are two inseparable elements.
In Feng Shui, the mirror is a symbol of the element of water, which is why this chandelier used a mirror and a mirror effect. This chandelier is designed according to the concepts of sustainability, circular model, modernity and bionic. In addition to creating a stylish and modern focal point by transferring positive energies into the home space, the concept is Eco-friendly.

The use of LED lamps, recycled brass alloy, and recycled glass, in addition to long life, recycling ability, reducing costs, reducing energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, take a small step to protect the environment and other resources of future generations