Encircle Desk

  • Prize
    Winner in Home office furniture
  • Designer
    Tianhao Zhong (Stefan)
  • School
    Kendall College of Art and Design
  • Location
    Grand Rapids, MI
  • Project Date
  • Project Link

This project was designed in Kendall College of art and design. The teacher gave us the project " Future of work" for our final design during this semester. Each student needs to design a piece of furniture that considers what the consumer needs in the future. And we have about one and half months to complete the design.

From my experience, my desk always messes after working. So I want to design a storage system that can analyze your items, therefore we can keep the desk clean and create space on the table. So I decided to design a desk to support my ideas, and I did different sketches with functions, and finally picked up this "Encircle Desk" as my starting concept.

The concept was inspired by Wassily chair from Marcel Breuer. And I was interested in how the materials bent to make the half-round corner. So I decide to use the bent metal with plywood to create the form because they both can make it happen.

Love creating and expanding any ideas that are interesting to me. I'm a furniture designer but also taking the interior course for my second major. In my mind, the furniture should be functioning at first, then comes to style. The design helps people how to live better, and understanding what they need.