Residential Space

  • Prize
    Winner in Residential Design
  • Designer
    Sadeghi Zeidi Azin
  • School
    Islamic Azad University

Modern interior design of a residential space. In this design of a residential space, we try to use more materials such as stone, wood and brick. In the kitchen space, in addition to the wooden cabinets, glass materials have also been added. In addition, the use of lighting in the glass cabinets doubles the beauty of the work. Neutral and monochrome furniture is used in this design. Stone slabs were used for the space behind the television.

In a wall, wood and lighting are used between them, which is considered an indicator wall of the space in the living room space.
Since the neutral color was the most used color in the space, I used wood color flooring to reduce the coldness of the space and to induce a warm feeling in the space.

In the bedroom, I used more white furniture to make the space appear larger. Because of the modernity of the space, I used simple furniture in the space, which all have soft lines. In the living room, to create a more intimate atmosphere, brown bricks are used with black stone tiles. I also used a light-colored patterned sofa and colorful pillows.