Mercury Hotel

  • Prize
    Winner in Hotel Design
  • Designer
    Peyman Kiani Falavarjani, Parisa Biriya, Nima Bavardi
  • Photo Credit
    Renders By : Mohammad Ali Rezaeiyan
  • School
    University of Aveiro
  • Location
    Kish Island, Iran
  • Project Date

The 5-star Mercury Hotel is on Kish Island. It has been built in a total of 10423 square meters with 147 rooms.
The design of the Mercury hotel garden comes from the world under the sea like corals and fishes, which are the first things that appear in your eyes while your fit touches the Persian gulf water on the beach around Kish Island. The goal is to bring a sense of sea calm into the hotel. At night, the lighting of the coral garden reminds the experience of walking on the beach with the view of bioluminescence creatures that can be found in the sea line of the Persian Gulf.
According to the form of the floors, which is designed as a staircase and there is a balcony at the end of each corridor, It has been decided to create a royal suite on each floor with a minibar and a balcony for bathing and sunbathing. The design is based on a tropical and coastal atmosphere that is perfectly in tune with the climate of the island.
The design of all parts of the hotel is integrated in a way that each detail complements the other and is inspired by the elements of the Island and the world under the sea.

Peyman Kiani Architects started its activity in the field of Architecture and Interior Design, in the year 2008. Since 2013, the group has been focused exclusively on hotels, restaurants, and bars, which have resulted in many prosperous projects in Iran and other countries so far. More than 27 prizes from some international design awards have been achieved by these years.

Other prizes
A'Design Awards, IDA, LICC, The ASIA Prize, DNA Paris Design Awards, Mirmiran Prize, The Loop Design Awards, Restaurant and Bar Design Awards, The Architecture Master prize.