• Prize
    Winner in Desk lamp
  • Company/Firm
    Joakim Rydén
  • Designer
    Joakim Rydén
  • Location
    Stockholm, Sweden
  • Project Date

Shwood desk lamp is a concept that wants to elevate wood craftsmanship and help you reduce your stress levels. Operating the lamp requires touching the wooden surface, sliding the center pillar through the outer wooden structure, emitting the sound (“Sh”) of solid wood pieces (“wood”) sliding with ever so little friction alongside each other. It doesn't use swiping motions, 5G or AI. It's a piece of nature that stands alongside you to present you with light and a calming sensation.

Sliding the inner pillar up into position softly turns on the light. It's held into position by a small hook on the backside. By slightly dropping the inner pillar down and backwards the hook will connect with the ledge integrated on the inside of the outer wooden structure.

The luminaire is 25 cm in height when closed and 40 cm when it’s all the way up. Width and depth are equally 7 cm. Beech wood is used for its ease of use, light color and environment friendly growing and harvest. Wooden pieces are mostly whole pieces without the need for screws or glue. The electrical parts for the LED light sources are hidden within the pillar and the bottom of the outer structure.

Joakim Rydén is a designer with a technical interest. His philosophy is that great design integrated with a useful function will never be forgotten. Joakim is a lighting designer located in Sweden. He discovered his passion for light while sketching light and shadows in an architecture class. After graduating university with a degree in lighting design Joakim is working with outdoor lighting as well as a luminaire designer.