Poente Table Lamp

  • Prize
    Winner in Desk lamp
  • Company/Firm
    Mc+ Arquitetos
  • Designer
  • Other Credit
    Bertolucci Iluminação

The Lamp is distinguished by its blend of warm and cool materials that accentuate natural elements and evoke nostalgic emotions. It utilizes Rojo Alicante marble, walnut wood, brushed brass, and a linen lamp shade to produce a striking visual. The design style draws inspiration from mid-century and 1950s-1960s Brazilian design, resulting in an elegant piece. Furthermore, the design incorporates natural materials to achieve a sturdy appearance and a feeling of familiar comfort.
Inspiration flowed from the vibrant Brazilian culture, architecture, and art, and we aimed to craft a luminescent masterpiece that embodied these elements. The objective was to fashion something both innovative and chic, fit for both homes and businesses alike. We delved into technical research, discovering the modern materials and production methods, and delved into the aesthetics of lighting design from the 1950s and 1960s.