• Prize
    Winner in Pendant Lighting
  • Company/Firm
    Maytoni Gmbh
  • Designer
    Alexey Danilin
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Natural phenomena, objects and substances are clear, unified and unambiguous as they are. Our perception is what gives them infinite variability, makes them unique, allows to reveal new interpretations. It is like a ray of light that shows an exceptional facets and depth that was not visible before.
In introspective psychology, the process of comprehending our own feelings and emotions associated with our reactions to the surrounding reality is called «reflection». This term inspired us to create this collection and gave it the name - Reflex.
A circle - the main form of a flat diffuser - is a metaphor for an objective, unambiguous phenomenon. And a bright luminous ball with lenticular optics, placed in the center, splitting it in half and giving it volume is a symbol of the strength and significance of human perception. It reflect the potential of personal vision to transform the surrounding reality through one's own feelings and point of view. A beam of light, scattered by delicate sparks along the fibers of a textile diffuser, shows how organic, moving and bewitching the vision of each individual person can be.