Folding chair

  • Prize
    Winner in Chair
  • Company/Firm
    Second Room
  • Designer
    Jihong Lee
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This is a folding series, that will give new inspiration to your space. Like origami and balloons, the original properties are thin, but as a result, I got a motif from the shape that creates a sense of volume, and I made a bold shape by folding thin acrylic. This method compensates for the disadvantages of heavy acrylic as it is lighter than acrylic of the same visual thickness. Acrylic folded on the structured chair leg can be fixed without additional bolt assembly or bonding.

Folding chair looks special depending on the viewing angle because of the acrylic layered on it, and the intensity of the color is added to make the color appear darker.

Please enjoy the various shadows appearing according to the lighting and the sun in the room.