Meditation Seat - Folding Seat

  • Prize
    Winner in Chair
  • Company/Firm
    Shine Meditation Health Technology(Hangzhou)Co., Ltd
  • Designer
    Fenglin Gao
  • Lead Designer(Other)
    Peitong Liu
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Meditation seat can be praised as the original health function furniture in China in the true sense. Its appearance makes the cross-legged sitting posture that human beings have retained from ancient times to the present have the perfect seat matching with it!

The folding seat of meditation seat is a large and medium-sized seat in the category of meditation seat. It can meet the needs of different cross-legged sitting positions by folding. It can be double cross-legged, single cross-legged, or classic cross-legged. And it can be folded into a smaller volume to facilitate storage and storage.

It can be used for a long time without deformation and collapse, It uses a new metal framework with no level adjustment, and its compressive and folding strength has been accurately tested,The Italian fabric wrapped around it is very smooth and soft.

Meditation seat is based on ergonomics.It develops instruments to help people form correct and relaxed cross - legged sitting posture, and achieves the ultimate effect of developing human potential and storing energy through meditation activities.