Hygge Armchair

  • Prize
    Winner in Armchair
  • Company/Firm
    Stdio Lucas Caramés
  • Designer
    Lucas Fialho Caramés
  • Photo Credit
    Gabriel Lima
  • Location
    Brasília - Brazil
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In recent years, we have begun to see more and more the importance of connecting more with ourselves and working on our authenticity and personal well-being.

Connecting with yourself means valuing simplicity, good things in everyday life and valuing small moments of affection and reception, which provides a strong feeling of warmth. The Hygge Line aims to interpret and re-signify this connection, through furniture such as a rug, armchair and chair.

The Hygge Line is a proposal that brings, in its form, warmth and welcome for moments of contemplation and well-being. She is inspired by a lifestyle and a harmonious way of organizing and seeing life, seeing the house as a refuge. Hygge (“rîgue”) is a lifestyle that emerged in Scandinavian countries, from the appreciation of small everyday gestures.

Influenced by the orthogonal furniture of the modernist movement, Poltrona Hygge brings to you a study of combinations of materials and constructive aesthetics that bring to the piece a feeling of nostalgia and preservation of a historical heritage.

The Hygge Armchair is an interpretation of comfort and aesthetics, related to well-being and contentment.

The Studio Lucas Caramés Authorial Design is a Brazilian brand of furniture design and objects that exalts its roots, from a perspective minimalist and contemporary, reinterpreting the story of
Brazilian modernist furniture.

Its purpose is to make a design with meanings and stories, through an individual expression with the objective of strengthening the collective, transforming the day people's day, understanding from a contemplative gaze, its essence.

Lucas is graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University
Catholic of Brasilia, studied at Furniture Design Course by The FIDI.

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