• Prize
    Winner in Other Tables
  • Company/Firm
    Fabrizio Constanza Design
  • Designer
    Fabrizio Constanza
  • Other Credit
    renders by Victor Hugo Ivan Ortiz Hernandez
  • Photo Credit
    Victor Hugo Ivan Ortiz Hernandez
  • Location
    Guatemala City
  • Project Date
    January 2022

This unique chess table features a contemporary design inspired by the late industrial revolution era. The table is composed of asymmetric aluminum elements that form the base and two oval glass tops. The main top serves as the playing surface for the chess game, while the second top, positioned 20mm lower, functions as an additional surface for holding beverages, phones, or captured pieces. The table has a shiny, transparent, and intricate appearance.

Fabrizio Constanza is an internationally recognized and award-winning Guatemalan artist and designer. His body of work includes Conceptual Art and Functional Art. His inspiration comes from the emotions generated by existence: The passage of time, reflections of the world, past nostalgia and future signs. Fabrizio captures and materializes emotions in Art and Design. His work has been published in DM Design Magazine, Design Milk, Design You Trust, Yahoo News Business, San Francisco Gate,, ID Magazine and Architecture and Design Colorado, to mention a few. Currently Fabrizio is t

Other prizes
2019 Carrete Side Table, Platinum Adex Award, California 2019 Carrete, Iron A’design Award and Competition, Italy 2019 Interestellar, Platinum Adex Award, California 2018 Interesterllar, Bronce A’design Award and Competition, Italy 2018 Sotavento, Iron A’design Award and Competition, Italy 2017 El Soporte del Cubo, Platinum Adex Award, California 2016 Breeze Artistic Plinth, Platinum Adex Award, California 2016 Sotavento, platinum Adex Award, California 2016 Horizon Lounge chair, Silver Adex Award, California 2016 El Soporte del Cubo, Sylver A’design Award, Italy 2015 2606 Terra, Platinum, Adex design award 2015 1909 Elephant’s child, Gold Adex design award 2015 Breeze Artistic Plinth, Silver A’design award, Italy 2014 Horizon Lounge Chair, Bronce A’design award, Italy 2014 1909 Elephant’s ChildSilver A’Design award, Italy 2013 Lande Coat Stand, Silver A´design award and competition, Italy 2013 Organica, Gold A´design award and competition, Italy